Air enthusiasts and historians alike can agree that there was hardly a more exciting and challenging time in combat history than the air campaigns in World War II.
Forces on all sides had to overcome many challenges including distance, technology, and the enemy's determination to win at all costs. 

The Coloring Book Art Aerial Combat Series, created by artist Rich Johnson, recreates various World War II air campaigns and air battles with great detail in a format that artists can color or paint themselves. Each book contains 49 pages of aerial artwork depicting specific action in the conquest for air superiority. Drawings are accompanied with historical references including the date, fighter group, name and rank of the pilot, as well as a brief description of the encounter. 

Coloring Book Art provides air enthusiasts, World War II historians, and artists with the ability to recreate these exciting aerial combat scenarios by using their imagination to color or paint their own pages within each book using practically any art media at their disposal. Printed on high quality 110lb.  cardstock paper,  artists are allowed many color applications and can use paint, colored pencil, washable ink or even crayons for their creations. 

NEW! Racers Dream In Two Wheels depicts scenes from various racing professionals including Mike Day and Bubba Harris. Racers Dream In Two Wheels contains pictures you can color or paint that feature Motard Motocross, BMX, helmet design, road bikes, and road racing categories. Click here for details and ordering information. 

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